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TAS: Applications
solution applications
Refinery specific Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Digital Selective Calling (DSC) systems
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Oil & Gas
Drilling control and data acquisition/control applications
Batch control, conveying, limestone crusher, power and emissions monitoring applications
Data acquisition/control, IS and fertilizer loading automation applications
Data acquisition/control, SCADA, sampler automation, metering and custody, pump station and pipeline automation controls
Liquid Storage
Terminal automation, marine vapor recovery/automation, underground cavern automation/control
Power Industry
Turbine controls, power/ information management, turbine simulation and mobile turbine controls
Food Industry
Packaging, loading, batch processing, rail car unloading, batch blending and product tracking systems
Refining Industry Applications
Refinery-specific Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Distributed Control (DCS) Systems

Petroleum Fuel Products Batch/Blending Applications

Upgraded batch/blending process to a high-speed dynamic blending process for petroleum products utilizing Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and color graphic operator stations. Refining Industry ApplicationsThis upgrade improved product quality and decreased blend time by 84%.

Grease Blending

Designed and developed PLC based batch control system with custom interactive graphical user interface for grease blending operation.

Lubricant Blending and Packaging

Designed and developed PLC based batch control system with graphical user interface to control lubricant storage operations, lubricant blending and packaging, pump and valve control, and operations productivity.

Digital Valve Control Applications

Interfaced multiple automated valves to existing Honeywell DCS through new fiber optics network.

Data Acquisition and Control Applications

Designed and fabricated multiple remote terminal units utilized for interfacing multiple vendors tank gauging hardware with Honeywell DCS via serial communications utilizing Modbus RTU protocol.

Automated Coke Drum Unheading and Interlock Controls

Designed and developed numerous PLC based coker unheading control systems utilizing Allen Bradley, G.E., Modicon, and TI programmable logic controllers to control DeltaValve unheading device and hydraulic power unit. The systems included PLC design and manufacture, remote control panel manufacture, hydraulic control unit controls, process and device interlocks, and serial interface to numerous DCS manufacturers.

Coker Valve Interlock System

Designed and developed an integrated Coker valve interlock control system. The system consist of PLC design and development, PLC control panel fabrication, remote valve control panel design and fabrication, graphical user interface design and development, batch sequence control, process and devices interlocks, and valve diagnostics.

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